Stock Of The Week

Berkshire Hathaway:

This is Warren Buffett’s company which has seen falls in its shares with Apple.

Many traders are not pleased with the company’s performance and as a result Berkshire Hathaway’s stock has fallen to “attractive levels.”

Furthermore, Berkshire Hathaway is expected by analysts to post significant losses in its fourth quarter results due to new accounting rules that will force the company to recognize market-based changes in the value of its stock portfolio.

Because of the decline in Berkshire’s share price, its valuation has moved to below 1.3 times its book value.

However, the book value is likely to be a lot smaller than what the market anticipates which means Berkshire will make for a good long-term investment.

TTM Technologies:

Shares of TTM Technologies fell 45% lower in the second half of 2018.

Based on its revenue, TTM’s net profits come out to 6 percent.

“This company stands head and shoulders above the rest and is perfectly equipped for weathering a few economic storms without losing any ground in the long run.”

It’s believed that TTM could cut through the remains of its failing competitors through bankruptcy deals or buyouts.

Apple Hospitality REIT:

Hotel stocks have recently gone down because of fears of a global slowdown and possible U.S. recession.

As a result, hotel real estate investment trusts, or hotel REITs, have had a poor performance.

Despite this, there are hotel REITs that are doing fine.

Take Apple Hospitality REIT, for example, which holds mid-market companies like Courtyard by Marriott and Homewood Suites in its portfolio.

These types of hotels tend to do better during an economic downturn because of the amount of revenue that they earn from business travelers.

Plus, you’ll earn a good return while you wait for Apple Hospitality REITs stock to jump back.

That’s because, Apple Hospitality REIT now pays an 8.2% dividend yield.