Founder of the World’s Biggest Hedge Fund Fears a Possible US Recession in 2020

January 22, 2019

The founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund, Ray Dalio, warns that there is a significant risk for a U.S. Recession in 2020.

However, the billionaire “investment titan” also predicts that “It’s going to be globally a slow up. It’s not just the United States; it’s Europe, and it’s China and Japan.”

After the Federal Reserve hinted to two more rate hikes for 2019, Dalio voiced his concern saying that bond yields are signaling the Fed should not increase interest rates anymore and that, “If it rises faster than that, I think we’re going to have another problem.”

However, Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, explained earlier this month that central bankers would be “patient” given continued muted inflation.

Dalio said on Tuesday that “the next downturn in the economy worries me the most.” He also said he’s concerned about “greater political and social antagonism” around the globe.

It’s time to take the warnings from professional financial advisers, seriously.

Another recession means that the government will be reaching for your retirement account as they did in 2008.

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Doc Wellington

Retirement Insider